Elfstedentocht with the camper van

Drive the tour of the tour along all the Eleven Cities and discover the most beautiful parts of Friesland by camper.


Elfstedentocht with the camper van

Have you always wanted to ride the tour of the world, but find it far too far on skates? Now there is also the one and only Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome!

Of course, this RVelfstedentocht takes you past some of the iconic sites of the trip on skates. Ice skating will also be covered extensively during the RV route. But the elfsteden are much more than that! In addition to each having a special history, the towns are very cozy and fun to visit. Whether you prefer to dive into a museum, go for a walk or plop down on a terrace.

By the way, the Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome does not have to be driven within 24 hours. Drive the route at your leisure and take your time to admire the Eleven Cities and collect your stamps. You don’t have to start the tour in Leeuwarden either, as long as you collect all eleven stamps!

The Camperelfstedentocht can be ridden throughout the year. Every season in Friesland has its own charm, the RV sites are open all year and there is plenty to do in the Eleven Cities.

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The route

See the Eleven Cities

We have listed the best sights and activities for you per city. That way you won’t skip a highlight! For each city we have made a combination of interesting museums, special events, nice stores, beautiful bicycle or walking tours and much more!

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