Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome

Make the tour of the Elfstedentocht and discover the most beautiful parts of Friesland by motorhome.


Elfstedentocht by motorhome

The Eleven Cities Tour is a famous ice skating event. When all the canals in Friesland are frozen, people ice skate about 200 kilometers to visit the 11 cities of the province within one day. Obviously, visiting the 11 cities on ice skates requires very specific physical and meteorological circumstances. To make this tour more accessible, there is now also the one and only Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome! Naturally, this Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome takes you along a number of iconic places that are known from the ice skating event. The sport of skating will also be covered extensively during the tour. However, the eleven cities are about much more than that! Each has its own unique history, but all are very picturesque, welcoming and fun to visit. Whether you prefer to dive into a museum, take a walking tour or just relax in a restaurant. The Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome does not have to be completed within 24 hours. Drive the route at your own pace, take your time to admire the eleven cities and collect your memories and souvenirs. You don’t have to start the tour in Leeuwarden either. The Elfstedentocht by motorhome can be done the whole year. However, September to May is the best time to travel.

Do you have all the stamps?

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The route

View the eleven cities

We have listed the best sights and activities for you per city. That way you don’t skip a highlight! For each city we have made a combination of interesting museums, special events, nice shops, beautiful cycling or walking tours and much more!


What a great initiative, the Eleven Cities Tour by motorhome. We are often in Friesland and we will do the tour in September.
Carlijn & Sander
Great! All highlights are clearly indicated per city. With this, you can start your holidays relaxed.
Lily & Hugo
A great tour! You can quickly find the highlights in Friesland. The idea with the stamps that you collect in each town is also great!
Martine & Steffen
We are already looking forward to it! When you see these pictures and tips, you want to leave immediately to do the trip by motorhome.
Ina & Bert
Great project! A great advertisement for Friesland and for the good cause, the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation.
Euro's donated for the Maarten van
der Weijden Foundation