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The Eleven Cities

On the map opposite you will find the route of the Elfstedentocht with the camper. The route is the same as the route of the skate tour, but by road. To get as much of the route over the water as possible, we recommend that you set your navigation to ‘ avoid highways ‘. In this way you not only visit the eleven cities, but you also drive through the countryside, along the water and through the villages that are on the route.

If you want, you can start the route in Leeuwarden and keep the original order. To experience the real Eleven Cities feeling, it is best to drive past the finish arch over the Bonkevaart afterwards. This finish arch has the shape of an Elfsteden cross. But to be fair, the feeling does not diminish when you start in a different city and drive the route in a different order.

Don’t forget to stamp your stamp card in every city. We clearly indicate per city where you can get your stamp. You can also pick up your stamp card for free at the stamping stations. 

The camper eleven cities tour is an initiative of 5 camper pitches/campsites and other affiliated companies. In order to be able to continue to offer this route for free, it is important to stay overnight at the participating motorhome pitches . This not only gives you a chance to win great prizes, but the participating motorhome pitches also contribute part of the contribution to the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation.

There are certainly other beautiful motorhome pitches/campsites on the route, but the affiliated companies make this route possible.

In some places you also get something extra . Delicacies from van der Meulen (at Ut Streekie in Franeker and Leeuwarden) pick and mix sandwiches at Jumbo Els Boek in Leeuwarden and a drink from Sonnema Berenburg in Bolsward at the Veerhuys. 

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