The town of Workum/Warkum is one of the youngest towns in the Frisian Elfsteden. Like most towns in Friesland, the town developed along the water. More precisely, along the quays of the Wymerts and the Dolte. Beautiful houses were built here, some of which are still preserved. Because the houses were built along the water, the old town center of Workum is still elongated. Where once was the Wymerts, today are the main shopping streets: “It Noard” and “It Súd”.

Like the other towns in this part of Friesland, Workum owes its prosperity to shipping and fishing. Although the town is not located directly on the former Zuiderzee, the connection to the sea was very good because of the waterway “It Soal”. Workum also had a convenient connection to the Frisian lakes, which also contributed to the prosperity of the town.

Nowadays, the Zuiderzee has long since turned into the IJsselmeer, and the town is no longer just a shipping town. Nevertheless, everywhere in the city you can still see things that remind you of this past.

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Where to get the stamp?

You can get the stamp of Workum at the Sudersé campsite. Ask for it when you check in, and you’ll have it right away!

Motorhome park Workum

You can stay overnight in Workum at Camping Sudersé. Camping Sudersé is centrally located between the old center of Workum and the IJsselmeer. It is the ideal starting point for a visit to the town or for a day of relaxation. The beach of Workum is a perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, sailing and/or fishing. From the campsite you can also have a wonderful time exploring the Frisian countryside by bike, boat or canoe.

The campsite offers lovely and paved pitches in Workum, good sanitary facilities, wifi, bread service, fresh eggs from our own chickens, seasonal vegetables and flowers from our cultivation. Here you will quickly feel at home, in peace and serenity!

Please note: In the low season there is no one at the reception. There is, however, a telephone number of the administrator, which you can call to check in further. The stamp is also at the reception.

What can you do in Workum?

There is a lot to do in Workum. Again, we have listed the best activities and most beautiful sights for you.

1. Fountain

The fountain of Workum was created by the British Cornelia Parker. The fountain is gebaseerd op the coat of arms of the town. On the coat of arms are depicted lions, which, among us, look a little funny. As a life-size fountain, they do not look nearly as funny, but rather tough and maybe a little scary. It seems like they are fighting with each other and splashing each other with water. Also, without the coat of arms between them, you get a glimpse of Workum.

Why not combine a visit to the fountain with a walk around the town? You will pass all the sights of the city such as the two churches. Before you start your walk, stop by the VVV (Tourist Information Office) and pick up an information brochure about the “Facade Stone Wall”, which gives an insight into the history of the buildings in Workum. Also pick up the free brochure “Art in Workum”. Here you will find all the information about the various art addresses in Workum.

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2. Jopie Huisman museum

The Jopie Huisman Museum is entirely dedicated to the work of this Frisian artist. The museum was founded in 1986, to not only to exhibit Jopie’s works, but also to represent the artist’s philosophy. His work touches many people. Not only because of the realistic style, but also because of the philosophical side of many of his works. The human dimension is the common thread that runs through his diverse body of work. Jopie takes you into his world and lets you share in his passions. In addition to a retrospective that focuses on Jopie’s work, life and philosophy, a different exhibition is shown each year.

The museum is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 5 pm. Tickets are available through Address: Noard 6 – Workum. The museum also hosts a café.

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3. The Blazerhaven

The Blazerhaven was built in 2008. Together with the ship carpentry De Hoop, this is a historic maritime complex around the old Zuiderzee sluice of Workum. Restoration of old ships is possible at De Hoop. The Blazerhaven is a museum harbor where many old ships can be seen. One of these ships, the Zuiderzee cutter EB23, is a moving monument from 1909. The ship used to be a fishing boat, but is now used for pleasure cruises. In the summer you can embark on this ship.

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4. Strontrace

Every year in the autumn break the so called Strontrace takes place. The start and finish are in Workum. The sailing race commemorates the historical shipping route on which the slurry originating from Friesland was transported to Holland. The turning point of the race is Warmond. The skippers sail exclusively in traditional vessels, e.g. “Skûtsjes”, and are only allowed to use sail and hand power. The Strontrace takes place at the same time as the fishing days in Workum.

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5. The lighthouse of Workum

The lighthouse of Workum is located on the Hylperdyk near the harbor entrance of It Soal. The nickname of the building is “Toarntsje”, because of its white square tower. The tower is only small, but it has a rich history. The tower also provided revenue for the city, as passing ships had to pay fire and beacon fees. This made it possible to maintain the sea sluice in Workum. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary, and the lighthouse has only electric lights that work on solar energy. For a short while only, during the Strontrace, Workum goes back in time. For the first boat returning to Workum, the real fire is lit again.

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6. Explore the surroundings

There is plenty to do in the area around Workum. Plan a day at the beach or take a nice bike or walking tour in the area. For example, you can plan a bike tour to Hindeloopen or Stavoren. Especially if you don’t have the time to stay overnight in all the cities. This way you can still collect your stamp. Do you want to cycle in the direction of Hindeloopen? Then plan a stop at Lieuwe Klazes Leane 3, where you will find It Lân Skip. This is a Frisian stilt farm, but upside down. Very impressive!

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7. Ice farm Margje24

Ice farm Margje24 is a farm that works with respect for flowers, bees and the earth we have available. Also the cows of Margje24 have a great life. The cows live in a free range barn. So they can decide for themselves what they want to do all day long. They also get very good food. You can always come by Workum to see the cows grazing in the meadow and of course to try an ice cream. You can also get ice cream from Margje24 in the ice cream parlors in Leeuwarden and Sneek.

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8. Fresh food market "de 3 ambachten"

If you want to buy delicious fresh food, go to the market de 3 ambachten (The 3 trades). These are three family-run stores with mostly local products. The three stores are a bakery, a cheese factory and a butcher shop. You can taste that everything is made by real craftsmen!

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9. Coffee Bar El Cafetín

Would you like a good cup of coffee? Then visit El Cafetín. Here you can enjoy coffees prepared with love. With it a nice piece of cake. You prefer tea? Of course, that is also possible. All products are fresh, fair and organic. It just tastes that little bit better that way.

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10. Pedal boat

Fancy something a little different? In Workum you can rent the fastest pedal boat in the world! This super fast pedal boat is from Waterfiets Friesland. The eye-catching water bikes are as easy to handle as a normal city bike and look like a catamaran. This makes it almost impossible to fall over. The pick-up point for a ride around Workum is located near the industrial area and in front of the IJsselmeer camping It Soal.

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