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Earlier this year we also learned in Belgium, as tourist editor of De Vlaamse Kampeertoeristen, that from now on there can be a real Elfstedentocht for campers in Friesland, even with its own stamp card!

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Since we were there at the last real Elfstedentocht in 1997, this seemed like a good idea and so we started the ‘Tour of the Tours’ from the Leeuwarden RV park. It was an intense but wonderful experience and highly recommended for anyone who wants to get to know the whole of Friesland from the comfort of a motor home. by bicycle. As a foreigner, you often drive ahw. by a living postcard and the eleven cities each have their own aspects and character.

Another nice thing is that you can ride the tour at your own pace and even in separate trips.

Add to that the all nice campsites and camper places that participate, as well as the typical Frisian culinary discoveries and the nice museums and you get a very pleasant feeling, when you drive up Camperplaats Leeuwarden again with your full stamp card….

This tastes like next! On behalf of Marnix and Brigitte Vanheuverswijn – Flemish Camping Tourists.

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Read the entire article by Flemish Camping Tourists about the Motorhomeelfstedentocht. The article was published in the October 2022 Flemish Camping Tourist Monthly.

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